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105 MINS $179
60 Mins Body Massage + 45 Mins Foot Spa Massage

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Dream Package

105 Mins $179

60 Mins Body Massage + 45 Mins Foot Spa Massage

We invite you to step inside angelique Essendon wellness spa!

60 mins Relaxing Full body massage will treat all areas of the body most prone to stress and tension, such as the back, shoulders and neck, along with the upper and lower legs, arms and hands. The blend of incredible oils and the luxurious massage will send you into complete relaxation, and you’ll leave feeling renewed.

Giving your feet a soak in a foot spa is not only relaxing but is proven to have many benefits for your health, improving general blood circulation flow to the feet and lower legs, which can reduce swelling and promote healing. You also stand to boost your nerve and muscle function in the process.

Overall, foot spa (15 mins) and foot massage (30 mins) can be a relaxing and therapeutic treatment for those looking to alleviate tension and pain in their feet, improve circulation, and promote relaxation to overall body, mind and foot health.

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